Not new to art necessarily, but new to taking it seriously.  I’ve had many hobbies and paths- musicianradio dj, FOOD, WINE, books, kids, mister and art…art…art!

Feel free to contact me via email:  crizti@yahoo.com


Wanna check out some art I like?

Fe d e r i c o C o r r e a

Raw Vision

Howard Finster

Katie O’Sullivan

El Oms

Dimond Forgeries

Bunnie Reiss

David Hinds

Wanna check out some other stuff I like?

I Heart Food VB– Awesome local foodie blog!

Tasting Table–  It’s an addiction!

The Thugbrarian Review– My boyfriend’s book and music review blog

Man Is Doomed/Isolated Cockpit- My Boyfriend’s music stuff.

Stove Restaurant– My favorite local restaurant…owned by a cool artist!



I’ll be adding more so check back for new cool stuff!





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