Re-Eval, Re-Up,and get GOING!


The latter part of 2016 was not without it’s challenges.  I move being one of them.  Like most challenges, conquering them paves the way to new beginnings!

We moved into a wonderful cottage where I have a huge space for my studio!!!  Granted, health and life put off the art creating for awhile but now I’m renewed.  It was weird.  I kinda feel like one of those people that wakes up from an illness speaking with a completely different language.  Although my art language is the same, the accent has changed a bit.  Perhaps I’ve found that ever elusive “style” I’ve been chasing.  Nevertheless, the above are some examples.  The first two images are from the piece I’m calling Stroke of Genius.  The third image is from an, as of yet, untitled piece featuring a Tanzanian woman with Albinism. She is very very unfinished.

So…this is me.  Back in the saddle and trying to share the beauty of the odd…