Commissions…living up to other’s expectations *gulp*

For the record- this painting isn’t finished yet.  That fan scares me and will be tackled tonight!

As a novice artist, I’ve always been super hesitant to do commissions.  The terror of completing the piece and having the intended recipient look at it with horror and disgust. Living up to other people’s expectations.  I’ve kind of tried to, in my very limited experience, involve the purchaser in the process.  I send update photos to make certain the image is coming along as they would hope.  I think they like being involved and it gives me the reassurance that they are happy with what’s coming their way.  Still tho! whew!  It’s like performing.

This is probably my biggest commission.  Again, I’m super duper new to this.  But the fates aligned on this one.  One gal pal told me that she needed something for her bedroom…but she wasn’t sure what.  Another friend of mine, that same day, told me she had salvaged a cool table top from the trash and thought it would be perfect for me to paint on.  My mind clicked and I thought of this ‘ol gal.  She’s coming along nicely.  The friend who wants it is pleased and once completed and purchased, I’ll buy a bottle of wine for the friend who salvaged the table for me.  All in all, it’s been a fun experience.  I’m painting something kind of different and I’m diggin it.  See, when I paint, if I can stand back and giggle at what’s being produced?  Man… it tickles me!

Here are some pics of the table top before I started and what’s done so far.IMG_20160422_084107274


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