The Process of Viewing the Process

When I was a little girl, my Mother would give me little mini art lessons.  One thing she taught me was to hold my work up to a mirror.  Her reasoning for this was that it would give you a different perspective and with that new perspective, you could likely see where you would need to make adjustments and changes.

Recently I was on the phone with my Mom talking about a piece I was working on and she asked if I had held it up to a mirror.  No, in fact I hadn’t because I’ve modified and updated that process.  I take pictures of my work.  Looking at the photograph, I get that same different perspective as the mirror, without it being backwards.  It’s better than stepping back to take it all in.  I get joked a little by my Mister for taking so many photos (and posting them to facebook and instagram) of the process.  I keep thinking one day I will do little slideshows of the pieces in process.   Though, in reality, what usually happens is-  I move on to the next piece and eventually weed through the bazillion photos clogging up my phone.

It’s all just become a part of the process.  There’s the need to see the different photographed perspectives and also, it’s nice to get feedback from friends on how they think the piece is coming along.  Sure, I like that too.  And finally, seeing the progression…the subtle (or drastic) changes to a face or arm as the piece takes shape.

The piece above is my newest I’ve started.  I was gifted with some awesome wood pieces this weekend and I knew I wanted to paint a girl with a cat on this raw tree piece here.  Then, in my mind I decided she had to be an Appalachian girl holding a cat.  Yesterday it hit me that she needed to have albinism and be holding a black cat.  Her name is Opaleen and her cat is Midnight.  Now if there was a way to show the process of the story in my brain! jeezy! I’m so glad these people live in my head… and I can share them through art.

It’s all in how you view it… the process.



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