Me? Prolific? YUP!

Since taking on art in my spare time, I’ve been accused of being prolific! Nah- lucky! As I sit here (at work) with my shoulders aching, and stupid tired, I wonder about it- am I prolific? I just spent a marathon weekend painting.  Luckily I had the time, motivation and supplies.  Next week, I won’t be so lucky. Saturday and Sunday I spent no less than eight hours painting- each day- and was able to produce one painting I love and two I like.  I was also able to put aside the brain chatter and mind gunk I’ve been carrying around lately (read:avoiding real life).

Needless to say, tho I will, I’m so thankful that I have this outlet.  I can stand in front of some piece of wood and bring new life to it.  I’m not obsessing.  I’m not sad.  I’m not worrying about money or planning anything. It’s almost like lost time- but it isn’t.  I’m focused and motivated.  Now I see why art is used as therapy!  Now granted, when I step back, real life is still there, but it is nice to have that break while I create. It helps and I love it!  So- my apologies to those that have invited me to do things, I’m trying to be disciplined.  In some ways, it’s work.

Aside from the therapy aspect of art, I also have a goal.  I stopped focusing on selling pieces and am trying to build a somewhat cohesive body of work.  Also, I am trying to back that body up with this blog/website, instagram and networking.  Branding myself? Am I doing it right?  I dunno. Ha!  Just last night I took a little ribbin’ at home for posting too many photos of my work on facebook.  I guess I need to find balance.  As with all things in life.  But hey- as long as I have supplies, ideas, a little time and the motivation, I’m just gonna keep this going with this!



3 thoughts on “Me? Prolific? YUP!

  1. Vickie Figueroa says:

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